Vision and Mission


The IIWGHA envisions a world where Indigenous communities are empowered to direct the course of their own HIV prevention, care, treatment and support.


The IIWGHA’s mission is to create an international voice and structure that links Indigenous peoples with their Indigenous leadership, varying levels of governments, AIDS service organizations, cooperatives, and others in a global collective action to lower the disproportionate impact of HIV and AIDS experienced by Indigenous peoples.

  • By empowering Indigenous people to reduce the spread of HIV and increase the quality of life by strengthening collaborations between international Indigenous communities, while respecting their autonomy and diversity;
  • By increasing culturally appropriate prevention, care, treatment, and support for HIV and AIDS through collective advocacy, education, and sharing of wise practices and socio-culturally relevant evidence;
  • By creating opportunities for networking, collaborative advocacy, and resource brokering amongst Indigenous communities; and,
  • By creating a global voice and hope for an ideal future for Indigenous people living with and affected by HIV and AIDS.